Holly's Story

"October 2014 I was living in Tampa, was on a moped and got hit. I broke my bilateral wrists, my tib/fib and my femur. I had weight-bearing restriction in my right leg until December 2014. Once I left rehab and had physical therapy come to my house, my physical therapist said I need to go to outpatient physical therapy, which I chose to go to National physical therapy in Stoughton. About two weeks prior to starting there I went to the doctors and got cleared for full weight barring in my right leg, the PT that came to my house gave me some crutches to 'help' me try to walk again." (video coming soon)

"I had then started at Stoughton national physical therapy. I have been going there for help for a little over a year. One of the FIRST days there, Kim had me go up the stairs! (First time going up stairs without being carried since October, that was the first milestone I hit.) I was going there to strengthen my right leg, since I hadn't been able to walk on it for months. It was amazing to have PT somewhere that you felt comfortable with your therapist. One of the main problems I had with my leg and having practically no balance was being able to shave my legs, I always had to be sitting to do so. I felt comfortable enough with Kim to tell her that shaving my legs standing was one of my goals, she helped me achieve it. Another huge milestone I hit was being able to bend down to pick things up and also to clean. Every day, if I dropped something I would wait for one of my family members to be there to pick it up for me because I thought I couldn't pick it up on my own. Kim knew that I wasn't bending down to pick things up so one of the things she taught me was how to safely pick items up off of the ground. When I wanted to show my parents my mom took this video. (video coming soon) I was finally discharged for my knee."

"Quickly after that I had plantar fascitis. I had no idea such a thing existed but I knew Kim would be knowledgeable enough to help me out. She even recommended a shoe for me to purchase. Once I got that shoe, I was so obsessed with them. They're so comfortable, and what I wear everyday I know that I'll be on my feet for long periods of time. Another reason, why I liked going there so much got shown to me at this 'session' of PT was it really amazed me how much knowledge she had with the exercises to heal my painful fascitis. Rock tape helped me a lot and then also the exercises she had me doing with my feet and toes really shocked me that such a thing existed, Kim helped me so so much, having plantar fascitis was awful."

"Now onto my third and final session of PT that I actually graduated from today! So, from my accident I have hardware in my left tib/fib, bilateral wrists, and I had hardware in my right femur. October 2015 I got the hardware removed from my femur because it was really bothering me to the point where I could barely walk. Of course after it was done I chose to go back to see Kim at national physical therapy. The first day, my main goal I made (which I didn't think was possible to do at all) was to be able to run. (In the video shown I was leaving the gym with my sister and it was pouring out, I tried to run to the car, I then realized I couldn't run and literally looked like a penguin.) Kim told me it would be possible to run again if I got the strength back in my legs. I tried hard at PT to get my strength back. One day Kim decided to have us go test it out (shown in the video) I COULD RUN!!!!! Literally biggest accomplishment in my life!!!! Another thing that happened this session of PT was one day she tried having me stand up off a chair with only one leg. I couldn't do that. It was seriously so impossible and so hard. A couple therapies went by and I decided I wanted to try it again because I felt a little bit of confidence. I tried it and did it!!!!!!!" (video coming soon)

"I feel so happy and also thankful that I chose national physical therapy in Stoughton to attend to for each and every issue I was experiencing. I honestly accomplished so many different goals. Kim shocked me because each goal I made that I didn't think was possible, she helped me attain it. I would recommend going there to anyone that I know who needed physical therapy. Going to Stoughton national physical therapy, first and foremost they are very well educated in what they do, secondly they make you feel comfortable and also give you their undivided attention to get you to be exactly where you want to be. Without the help from national physical therapy I don't think I would've progressed as much as I have in just a year. I'm now able to carry laundry, go up and down stairs without even needing help from the handrail; I can shave my legs with no worry of falling. I can also RUN! Also, one of my biggest accomplishments is a month ago I went back to work. I work in dairy and am able to lift very heavy things and carry them, but still keep my balance. I used to also have a little bit of a limp when I was walking because I wasn't able to have my right leg completely straight, but now I am completely straight! The only person I can thank for all my accomplishments is Kim and also national physical therapy for treating me for the last year, I absolutely wouldn't be how 'healed' I am now without their help."

Holly Temple