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"There is nowhere I would rather go for treatment. The entire staff is thoughtful, considerate and caring. I have had several different treatments after various orthopedic surgeries and always have had great results. Give them a try!! "
Feb 13, 2019
" NPT has helped me recover from a left wrist injury. Laura, Brendan and Mark have treated my injury with a combination treatment of stretching, strengthening, ultra sound, e-stem, patient education, etc. They have all been very friendly, supportive, and professional with me. I'm still being seen by NPT, but I'm ready to attempt to go back to work w/out a wrist brace which I have been wearing for work for about 2 months. I would strongly recommend NPT to anybody in need of P. T. Stephen S. "
Dec 20, 2018
"I am recovering from a total knee replacement. I chose National Physical Therapy because it was close to my home. I am very happy with my choice Mark did my evaluation & told me exactly what to expect & answered all of my questions. He was very kind & put my mind at ease. Laura & Ron are excellent, they are gentle, knowlegable & very encouraging. The ladies at the front desk are awesome, very nice & friendly. The entire staff is great & very professional. I am pleased with my choice & have no doubt they will help me recover nicely. I highly recommend National Physical Therapy. "
Sep 17, 2018
"My initial evaluation after surgery was with Mark and he was very thorough in explaining everything to me. He is kind, compassionate, and professional. I have since also had sessions with Laura and Ron and they were also both excellent to work with. Each session has really been beneficial in helping me with my recovery after knee surgery and everyone in this office suite is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who may need physical therapy. This is a great group of people to help you with your recovery. "
Sep 05, 2018
"I have been at physical therapy here for the last month and it has been a pleasure. Everyone I run into is very polite and works hard as they also make you feel super comfortable and at home! Thank you to the staff of national physical therapy for all of your care. With this being said I would fully recommend this office and I will make any further appointments with them as well!"
Aug 23, 2018
"The first time I visited National Physical Therapy was over a year ago after my knee replacement surgery. I found Mark and his staff to be both helpful and personable, so when I had a slip and fall injury, a few weeks back, and my doctor suggested a new set of therapy sessions I knew I would be in good hands when I went back to National Physical Therapy. Bob H, MA."
Apr 11, 2018


"October 2014 I was living in Tampa, was on a moped and got hit. I broke my bilateral wrists, my tib/fib and my femur. I had weight-bearing restriction in my right leg until December 2014. Once I left rehab..."

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When I got to national physical therapy I could hardly walk. My pt was Laura and she was fantastic. Laura put me back together like Humpty Dumpty. The office manager Janice was amazing as well. I would recommend this company to anyone.

- Pat, from Holbrook

The receptionists Adriana & Heather are very personable and accommodating. They work very hard every time I see them. I hope they are treated well financially so they realize their worth.

Mick is Phenomenal! I'm a "prove it" to me person and she has. I've improved a lot with her instruction to Preston and his follow through. The amazing manipulation to my painful neck has helped so much. The encouragement and the pool therapy has been awesome. Please keep them happy so they stay! They are a great group!

- Sharon M. of Westport, MA

"Treatment allowed me to feel steady improvement and reduction of pain. Also help with coping with functional challenges. Treatment by therapist and office staff was outstanding!"

- Carol A. from Hanover, MA

Answered all my questions. Listened well to my concerns. Felt a harmonious relationship with Amanda.

- Joyce B.

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to especially thank you and Katherine for the top-notch care I received at your Stoughton facility. I could not have picked a better place to receive treatment for my rotatory cuff injury. I was truly helped by your expertise and attention to my situation. Also, I would like to mention that the two of you are both very nice people to work with.

This note comes a little late as I've been extremely busy but I will certainly refer anyone who needs great therapy to see you or Katherine (and the crew) in the future.

- Pat

They were able to schedule around my work and school activities. The staff was pleasant, professional and helped me to reach my goals by continual progression of my program.

- Timmy

The staff were professional, the treatment area was clean and I feel like my body feels better after treatment. Everyone made me feel comfortable.

- Jacob

All of the staff were friendly and courteous. They were helpful and knowledgeable, they made my physical Therapy experience as smooth as possible.

- Mary

My overall experience was very good.

- Lucia

I've been involved with this therapy facility for over 3 years and it is a comfortable, friendly environment. Brian is an excellent therapist and has helped me recover quickly on a few occasions.

- Jose

I worked with Janeen and Brian. They both were excellent! Kudos to Adriana as well. The healing starts the moment you walk in!

- John

I think that every employee that I worked with from the time I walked in the door till the time I walked out was wonderful and it is very hard to find that at any business...Thank you to everyone.

- Jill